Introduction to flow charts, Symbols used in Program Flow charts, Datatypes, Variables Flowcharts on decision statements, If else, nested if else Flowcharts on iteration Modular approach, Dry Run Table
  • Introduction to languages, program, Origin of C Language, features of C, compilers, keywords, Preprocessors
  • structure of C program, Hello World program, Data types, variables, constants, conversion characters/format
  • Operators : Arithmetic , Logical, Relational, Assignment , Expression
  • Contitional Constructs (if-else, nested if -else, switch-case, break)
  • Loop Constructs (while, do-while, for, nested loops)
  • Jump statements (goto, continue, labels, exit)
  • Preprocessor statements (#include, #define, # undef, # if, # ifdef, # ifndef, # elif, # else, # endif)
  • Arrays (Single dimensional), Applications of Arrays (bubble sort, selection sort)
  • Arrays (Multi dimensional), Applications of Arrays (Matrices addition, subtraction, multiplication)
  • Structures
  • Unions, Enumeration, typedef
  • Functions: String functions (strlen(), strrev(), strupr(), strlwr(), strcmp(), strcmpn(), strcpy(), strncpy(), strcat())
  • Functions: Math functions (acos(), asin(), atan(), atan2(), cos(), sin(), tan(), log(), log10(), pow(), sqrt(), ceil(), floor(), fmod(), abs(), labs())
  • Proofing , comments & changes
  • Functions: Date & Time (clock(), difftime(), mktime(),time(), asctime(), ctime(),localtime(),strftime(), timeptr, format()) , abbreviations
  • User defined Functions (parameterised, non parameterised, return type), Recursive functions
  • Pointers, call by values & call by reference concept, dynamic array using malloc, alloc functions
  • File Management (reading and writing from file, opening file in different modes)
  • Command line arguments, executing the programs from command prompt
  • Graphics: Drawing line, rectangle, polygon, setting background & line color, adding sounds


  • Limitations of procedural language, Introduction to OOPS (class, object, encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism,
  • Operators, Keywords, Identifiers, Constants, datatypes
  • Constructs (Conditional and Loop)
  • Arrays (single and multi dimensional)
  • Structures, Unions and Enum
  • User Defined Functions (protptyping), Pointers (call by value & call by reference), this keyword
  • Classes and Objects, Data members, Access modifiers(public, private, protected), scope resolution operator
  • Objects as arguments and return types of functions, static data members(variables and functions), friend functions
  • Constructors and destructors, Static ploymorphism (method overloading, constructor overloading)
  • Static ploymorphism (Operator overloading - unary and binary)
  • Types of Relationships (Instantiation, Composition, Utilization, Inheritance), Inheritance and its types
  • Inheritance with access modifiers
  • Dynamic Polymorphism, method overriding, virtual functions
  • File Operations (ifstream, ofstream, fstream), reading and writing from text and binary
  • Generic types: Templates(class template, function template)
  • Linked Lists(inserting, deleting and updating nodes)

Duration : 30 DAYS.